A Guide to the Best of Kiev

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Brett again, here to talk about the time I spent in Ukraine. Despite the ongoing conflict with Russia, Ukraine is a very interesting place. After visiting Istanbul, I spent a few days exploring the capitol of Kiev. For those interested in World War II history, this place is for you! The cost of living is low here and the United States Dollar is very strong. In restaurants you can expect to pay $0.43 for a coffee or get half a liter of beer for $1. You can have plenty of fun for cheap in the post-Soviet country of Ukraine.


1. Ukraine has 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites

These include the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev built in the 11th century. There are plenty of monuments to remind us about all of Ukraine's history. From WWII to famine, you can learn so much in Kiev just by walking down Lavrska Street or Parkova Road along the Dnieper River. It also is close to Chernobyl and Pripyat.

Left to right: Kiev Pechersk Lavra, Holodomor Victims' Memorial, Trumpeting Angel of Chernobyl

2. It isn't The Ukraine, it's just Ukraine

After declaring independence in 1991, the country's leaders asked the world to drop 'the' from the country's name. During the Soviet era, Russia referred to the country as The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. Ukrainians do not like the term "The Ukraine" as it was used by Russia and brings up a negative demeanor.