Ten Great Reads for Long Haul Flights or Just Doing Nothing

Updated: May 21, 2019

Happy Monday!

Swollen ankles, puffy hands, sweat in weird places and the general feeling of bleh-ness. Pregnant? No. Long haul flying? Yep.

I certainly love (and indulge in) the unlimited alcohol, snacks, and in-flight entertainment; but sometimes it's nice to dive into a good book and forget the world... and the person next to you that doesn't understand how to share an armrest.

So! Here's my roundup of books that I think would make great picks for flights or any long periods of time doing nothing. These are books that I was simply unable to put down, and if you know me personally, then I have probably forced you to read at least one on this list!

Simply click the cover and you'll be directed to amazon where you can purchase the book as copy or kindle! I would love to know if you've read any of these or if you have any recs for me. These aren't necessarily my all time faves, just the ones that I felt have been the hardest to put down!

Before we get started, I should mention something that changed my reading game! Goodreads. As a writer and someone with a serious love for words, Goodreads helped me immensely! I used to think I loved to read but never finished books and had trouble going into Barnes & Noble and even knowing where to start. Goodreads is fundamentally social media for book lovers. It's a place where you can share discussions on books and find recommendations based on what you've read (and enjoyed) in the past. Basically, it operates as a global book club so you can find books that will actually do what books are intended to do, and that is to inspire and give you all the feel goods. Goodreads also links with Kindle. My Paperwhite is now this magical brick full of not only my fave reads but also immediately gives me suggestions for the next book as I "turn" the last page. Since it's linked, it also lets your Goodreads folks know when you start/finish the book and you can rate the book real-time through Kindle! As you can guess, I am super active on there, so give me a follow if you do create an account!

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