Schöne Zürich

Zurich was so, so many things. Wonderful, magical, drunk with beauty.

We stayed in an Airbnb run by a lady named Sylwia and her boyfriend, Wojtek--while we were gone most of the time they were super helpful in getting us familiar with everything from food, to bus stops, hikings etc.

The little condo was situated right at the base of Mt. Uetilberg, the highest point in Zurich. When hiked, it gives amazing panoramic views of the city and Lake Zurich.

Here's the view of the street from our cozy little home :)

Most days were spent finding good beer--we were in the German half of Zurich--HOW COULD WE NOT?

Our favorite beer was Feldschlosschen(original) and it comes from Rheinfelden, Switzerland. Switzerland is jam packed with great, unexpensive beer. You're not going to find any bud light or Michelob, it's all rich and bold high quality beer at Bud Light prices :P

A great place to go is "old town zurich"--you'll find lots of good shopping, coffee, random little eats.

Finding some more good brews!

Rewinding now to what I think was our first day there--we had no idea how the train/tram stations worked. We got home, changed, and walked to Albisrieden (our tram station) and we had our day passes that we bought at the airport, so we figured that we would just get on and hope off when we saw something we wanted to check out...We'd been on the tram for about 2 hours and we saw what looked like a scenic lake so we hopped off.

We walked around the lake for a while, drinking from a can of beer that was 11% ABV and only 2 euros. When we had gotten into Zurich that morning, the weather was nice, about 60 degrees. When we got off the train at this lake, it was about 40 degrees...we were standing at the lake when out of nowhere a storm comes with wind nearly knocking us off of our feet. With nowhere to go we ran back to the train station which we had just come from about 30 minutes prior--we are running across the street and I squeal because my dress flew up and my hat was taken away by the wind!! Brett is laughing his butt off. He comes and gets me to the other side of the street, then runs out BACK across the street to go find my hat. (I married a true gentleman<3)

We were screaming with laughter once we got back on the train--the wind was so strong my hair was now looking like a wasps nest. :) Now comes the tricky part--our phones had died by this point, a full day of travel, taking a million and one pictures with no charger and roaming service. We had no idea where we were and no idea at all how to get back to our little Airbnb in Hagenbuchrain, we asked for directions with no answers just confused faces from our English words. (Zurich has plenty of English speakers, obviously we don't expect everyone to speak English, we were just in a very rural area.)

There was one stop we had in the middle of nowhere that we hoped off thinking maybe we could find a map, when we got off, I'd say maybe 30 seconds and the train was gone. . We looked around, freezing cold and just burst out into laughter with the insanity of the situation. It was so cold that we couldn't feel our hands and our faces, the wind was pricking our skin like needles, so we huddled close by and waited for another train to come along. This time, we said, okay we will just stay on this train until we see "Albisreiden" because surely it's bound to appear at some point, right?! Sure enough, we got on the next train, and about an hour later, Albisreiden flashed across the screen-The home stretch!

Later that night, we sat with Wojtek and told him about our day. He laughed and laughed and then told us that we weren't even authorized to be on any of those trains!! Apparently, at the airport, we'd only gotten da day pass for about a 5 mile radius in Zurich's City Center. We'd gone almost all the way too far north! He told us how Switzerland essentially has an honor system, and that in all five years that he's lived here, without a car, taking public transport to and from work, he's only ever been check for a ticket twice. . BUT he said that when found without a ticket, you will get a very serious lecture and kicked off the train/bus/tram because "Swiss people are built on honesty."

That's all for now! Quick cap on Switzerland!

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