Moving Abroad-A Few of the Whys

Rural Spain

halfway through our roadtrip from Lisbon to Barcelona, pure happiness.

Take the risk or lose the chance

Three months ago and some change, we set off for a new life abroad. I thought I would make a blog post detailing a little bit more about our journey to our new home in Spain.


Ollie and I

True mommas boy, loading up the car and leaving our home for the last time

Crazy dog-loving parents that we are, we took every precaution possible in getting our pup, Oliver to Europe. Flying out from DFW, we were bound to have a layover en route to Spain. (Unless we wanted to spend 3k one way per person for a direct flight to which we said oh Heeeeell no)

Because of this, we decided to rent a car and drive to Newark, NJ where we would then fly into Lisbon, Portugal and start our road trip across Spain.

We did this for a few reasons, one being that it would be only 7 hours in the air for Ollie and two being that our airfare from NJ to Lisbon was a meager $300 per person. We figured we would spend a few days getting to know Lisbon, get Ollie situated then rent a car and head across Portugal into Spain and eventually our home in Barcelona.


Whew, okay, so the months leading to us closing our storage unit and taking off for a new life were complete MAYHEM. Just between January and April 30th when we left, we were in Norway, Colombia and French Polynesia.