Our Home in Moncofa

family selfie on the dog beach

¡Hola chicos!

We left Barcelona at the end of August and wound up in Valencia this past Monday on October 8th.

I thought I'd write a post talking about our life in the adorable teensy town of Moncofa where we spent the past month.

Funny story:

Valencia is huge. You have Valencia the city and Valencia the Comunidad (basically like a state). The comunidads hold what are called provinces and the provinces hold the cities which hold the neighborhoods and so on. With Valencia, you can't tell if you are looking at the city or the Comunidad unless you are SERIOUSLY paying attention to a map. Mostly because Valencia the comunidad and the biggest city that it holds share the same name. Imagine all of North Texas was called Dallas and so you would always have to differentiate between Dallas and the rest of North Texas.

Our plan was to find a spot that we could stay until sometime after the first of the year and then we would figure out where we wanted to go next.

So here's what happened:

There is a notorious neighborhood in Valencia city that is supposed to be great. It's called El Grau.

I'd looked at several apartment services and was just browsing Airbnb to scope out what they had.

(Airbnb has amazing discounts for long term stays FYI)

I found this amazing place just 100ft give or take from the beach right in the middle of El Grau and it was perfect! All the reviews were great, the space looked like more than enough for us and at $450/mo. I really was ready to jump on it! Especially since it was in the exact neighborhood we were looking for, right? RIGHT??? Only it wasn't....it was in El Grau in Moncofa which is in Castellon which is in Valencia COMUNIDAD, not the city.

So, when you search apartments in El Grau Valencia...both El Grau neighborhoods come up because TECHNICALLY they are both in Valencia. Only one is the city and one is the comunidad.


We are adventurers.

I saw this place for $450/mo. literally just steps from the beach. We figured why the hell not?

We have no particular place to be?