Abuela en Espana

^^^^Greatest most fantastical grandma EVER

My husband's grandma, who is a true gem, is a widow. Her late husband, Griff, used to be stationed in Spain and even after his time served would visit Madrid and Barcelona for business any where from 1-3 times a year. Grandma has always wanted to visit Spain to be able to bring the postcards he'd sent her to life...

This past Christmas(2016), my angel of a husband bought us 3 tickets on a whim to be able to surprise her in the Spring with a trip of a lifetime!

See below :)

Grandma had never been overseas before so the flight itself was an adventure. United delayed our flight and changed our one layover in Jersey to a longer layover in DC coupled with an additional layover in Frankfurt, Germany. She was all smiles for this though, because now she can say she has been in Germany! :D She really loved this.

Once we landed in Madrid, we relaxed for an hour or so and hit up a flamenco show. A BUCKET-LIST MUST! You can feel the rhythm and the beats in your stomach. There's nothing else like it!

We pigged out every day with wine, tapas, chorizo, squid, paella, you name it.

Here's glimpse of some of the AMAZZZZING food we had! We did a wine and tapas tour early on so that we could really get a feel for true Spanish cuisine. My favorites were the squid and the salt roasted padron peppers! SO GOOD.

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