Verdens Ende (Norway)

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

"Wherever you are, be all there."

-Jim Elliott

We had an amazing Norwegian adventure recently! We packed our bags mid-february and headed to the Arctic without any inhibitions. We flew into Oslo, then to Tromsø and took a bus to Lyngenseidet. Lyngenseidet is only about an hour outside Tromsø and is an absolutely beautiful ride. There is nothing but fjords and arctic pools of freezing blue waters. February is obviously on the colder side of the year, but we figured this was our best and guaranteed chance at seeing the northern lights. They delivered.

We stayed at a cozy little place called the Magic Mountain Lodge. We met some of the most warm and inviting people that we've ever come across. Parik and Henrika are the owners - they were so friendly and made us feel right at home. One morning, we were up and about to start a hike to a nearby frozen waterfall - the way itself was about 4km one way and then the actual hike would start. They noticed us taking pictures of the map before we were leaving and offered to give us a ride with a group that was already headed that direction. Riku, another member of the staff, took time to ask if we needed anything from the grocery when he went out for food. These folks were just all around loving people that made us feel at home.

Our first hike was to Verdens Ende of Lyngenseidet (not to be confused with the famous Verdens Ende in Tjøme, though this one is just as grand!). We set out around 6 AM and managed to make it through town and to the field where the hike starts all before sunrise.

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