Most Haunted Places in Edinburgh to Get Your Spooky Kicks

It’s no secret that the Scottish capital is home to more than a few paranormal mysteries. Widely considered to be one of the world’s most haunted cities, it’s bursting at the seams with great ghost stories of every variety. Edinburgh is a city that comes with a long and grizzly history that’s lent itself to a shocking amount of bone-chilling mysteries and paranormal thrills. Whether you’re a local looking for some Halloween spooks, plan to visit the capital city of Scotland or are simply curious about Edinburgh’s strange set of poltergeists, I’ve got you covered. Here are the most haunted places to visit in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle

The first and perhaps the most famous site on this list is none other than Edinburgh Castle. Perched high atop the hill at the west end of the royal mile it’s visible from several spots throughout the city and is the gem of the Edinburgh skyline. Castle Rock, the hill on which the castle sits, has been inhabited long before the rise of Edinburgh Castle. Traces of settlements are dated back to 850 BC making it occupied for nearly 3,000 years.

In these 3,000 years, quite a bit has happened and lots of tortures, executions and murderous raids have taken place throughout the castle’s walls. The castle is known for plenty of ghosts and paranormal occurrences such as a headless drummer boy and group of French prisoners captured during the Seven Years War. Not to mention the hundreds of witches burned at the stake. But the most popular, and most sighted, is the piper.

The legend behind the piper is not as gory but equally bone-chilling. The story goes that a young piper was sent into the tunnels beneath the castle to play tunes. The idea was that those above ground would trace how far he went into the tunnel to map its exact location. He was playing and playing until he just… stopped. The men standing watch immediately rushed in the tunnel to check if he was okay, but the piper was nowhere to be found. To this day people report sightings of a young piper dressed in old clothes and hear sounds of faint tunes through the air.

The Underground Vaults