La Vida en Ciudad de Mexico

We have seen the beaches of Mexico so we figured it was about time to see the heart of the country. Contrary to what you may hear or think you know about Mexico, it is a safe and beautiful place. Not once did we feel threatened or scared. In fact, everyone was warm and welcoming. From the delicious and cheap food to the historical district, we loved everything about this city. Here is our 48 hour trip to the capital, Mexico City!

As always, we found a nice room for cheap on Airbnb. We had a clear view of Bellas Artes from our balcony. Also, it was in the historical district and close to several monuments.

Our first night there, we traversed the streets close by and had some chicken with cheese tacos. Mel ran into Oxxo, a popular convenient store, and bought a tall can of Teacate for 15 pesos which converted to almost 90 cents! Everything was so cheap and we absolutely loved it. Afterward, we relaxed in a bar and enjoyed local beers.

The next morning, we went to the street over to Plaza de Solidaridad where there was a market with local foods and handmade items. There was a museum in this area with paintings by Diego Rivera. It had a lot of his famous paintings, most notably his Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central (Dream of a Sunday afternoon in the Alameda Central). We were approached by a group of kids that asked if they could ask us interview questions for a project for school. They asked where we were from, our age, if it was our first time to visit Mexico, our favorite Mexican dish, what we do for a living, and if we were married. They enjoyed my answers and my decent grammar skills.

This market connected to Alameda Central, a plaza surrounded by greenery. Following the path led to Bellas Artes. As we followed Avenida Juarez, we eventually came to a pedestrian only street surrounded by street performers, cantinas, restaurants, and shops. We had the most AMAZING tacos at a restaurant called Salon Corona. We had fresh guacamole, 4 beers, and 6 tacos, all for under $15! It was unbelievable how cheap everything was.

A co-worker mentioned an alcoholic beverage that we had to try called pulque. It is fermented sap from the agave plant. This drink has been around for at least 1,000 years. Because of how it is produced, it is too difficult to export it or mass produce it. Good luck trying to find it in the states! Only pulquerias have them and we managed to find one late Saturday night.

The smell - HORRID. Every sip started out super sour but afterward was a slight fruity taste. It was slightly thick and almost had a milky texture. I had the apple flavor and Mel got the soursop one. It was definitely an interesting experience. Mel couldn't stand the taste and smell so I had to finished the other half of hers. Although it wasn't the most desirable taste, I can't wait to try it again!

We finished out the night with mixed mezcal drinks and watched American Ninja Warrior on a projector while listening to various Spanish songs. Afterwards, we took Uber back to the room and enjoyed one last beer on the balcony. We will definitely be coming back!

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