Karavanly: The Ultimate Georgian Travel Tour You Never Knew You Needed


Earlier this Summer amid all the craziness that is 2020, I was invited along on a sponsored trip by Karavanly to help promote my favourite place in the entire world – Georgia. June, July and August were sort of the sweet spot for Georgia during the pandemic. By that time, we hadn’t had any huge qualms with the virus compared to our European and Asian neighbours. Late September and early October on have seen a massive uptick in cases around the country. While cases are on the rise it seems that Georgia is finally feeling the brunt of this year’s pandemic. While traveling around Georgia right now is next to impossible, I think Karavanly is the perfect tour to look forward to once things are up and running again. All in all, Georgia is a strong country and one that I trust to handle this wave of the virus responsibly.

That said, here’s all you need to know about Karavanly and why they are a great choice for experiencing Georgia post-pandemic.

Pssst. This post is sponsored by Karavanly. That said, all reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view. I have not been incentivized to paint Karavanly in any light other than my own.

What is Karavanly?

Karavanly is a tour company that emphasizes authentic, meaningful experiences with local communities. Their tours are comprised of off the beaten track experiences in places like Andriatsminda, a town of just a hundred families hidden away in the mountains of Samtskhe-Javakheti and in-depth exploration of lost communities such as Gorelovka and their spotted history as a refuge for Dukhabors. Most importantly, they always take the scenic route meaning guests get to experience the beauty of otherwise hidden villages in places like the Gorelovka Pass. They take the fuss out of typical tour groups by offering a hop on hop off feature so that you have time to dive into the places you love most. That means if you make it to Kutaisi (or any other stops along the route) and decide you want to stick around longer, you can just catch the next Karavanly bus coming through in the next few days. You are also free to start and end your tour in the three main cities of your choice – Kutaisi, Tbilisi or Batumi. Another perk is choosing your own accommodation – this means you can stay at quaint family guest houses, unique Airbnbs, or quirky boutiques – your pick! No cookie-cutter travel here.