Roatan Bay, Honduras

Roatan Bay was much like the first go-around with Cancun in that we didn't have hardly enough time to spend--but we made the most of what we could.

We started off going to a local conservation (my heart was throbbing)--we got walk along beaches , look at some super cute and feisty monkeys, hold alligators and best of all EAT!

The best part though--didn't even get any photos--we met an awesome local named Brian, he walked us around the way less touristy areas, let us drink local beer from THE TRUEST dive bar we've ever seen. He told us about his family and explained that the reason we saw so many early 90's cars hauling ass every which was regardless of pedestrians is because there is essentially no government in that area of Honduras. He introduced us to some kiddos(2-7) that I must say were damn talented at peddling seashells! We talked about life as he walked us through markets where I bought a hand painted replica of The Last Supper for $10.

We had a good day :)

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