Marathon, Greece

Greece--You damn beautiful country, you.

Filled with your awesome food and your lively people.

We were in Greece for about a week last year on the Honeymoon of a lifetime...We stayed in Marathon, about 25 miles outside of Athens in the Nea Makri region. There were little English speakers which made it all the more exciting :)

Right after our flight landed and we picked up our car-we had a really interesting time figuring out how to get from point A to point B without losing our marbles. Trying to follow along with google maps and also make good use of our international driving license without killing random pedestrians in the process...and trying to match the Greek words on the road signs the Greek words on my phone made it all the more fun! : )

After we made it to the resort in Marathon, we walked over to a local shop for a real-deal greek salad and gyro. WOW. We were actually told the tomatoes in Greece are different, and I promise you they are, we ate our fill and when we tried to tip the lady who helped us we realized that YOU DO NOT TIP IN GREECE. lol (or most European countries, we learned.)

Most of that afternoon was spent just driving around and getting familiar.

That night we went and ate some even more amazing food-- I had some of the best Calamari the Mediterranean has to offer and Brett ordered Souvlaki - Pork, Beef, Chicken AND lamb w/ fries, pita slices and of course, zatziki. His meal was 8 euros. EIGHT, YA'LL.

Afterward, we moseyed over to a little hole in the wall bar next door and enjoyed some Alpha beer!

The next day we flew over to Rhodes ($30 ticket!!) for the day. Rhodes was overflowing with such rich history and some seriously great authentic markets. We walked until our feet were numb. We laughed until our bellies were sore and drank until our hearts were melting.

We even hung out with an awesome waiter named Lynardo who will get his very own post later!

That's all for now, folks!

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