Saronic Islands + The Hamiltons


While we were staying in Marathon on our honeymoon, we took a cruise to 3 Islands. Aegina, Poros and Hydra!!

A E G I N A :

Aegina was our first stop, we got off the boat-found a local beer and decided that we would try to find some jackets to take to Switzerland the following week. We wandered into a little winter shop and made friends with a man named Georgios who was selling Funky Buddha coats. We talked about the states and about the previous years bankruptcy in Greece. He told us about his family and how even a year later, Greeks can only go to the ATM once a week on Fridays to withdraw cash from their own accounts. He explains why cards are not really used much there because for Greeks, there is nowhere to take the money from because of the bankruptcy. We sat and talked about how beautiful his country is and it's people--he told us that even being without money, he is happy and his family is happy because they are in a beautiful country filled with beautiful people and the Greek don't pout.

We walked around the island for a little bit longer, moseyed through some shops, talked with some more locals and went on our way.

P O R O S :

As soon as we docked, we made our way up to the clock tower which had an amazing view! Here's Brett being a total hottie as usual

H Y D R A :

The last and most remarkable of the cruise. We docked and Brett decided he wanted coffee. Brett does not drink coffee...nonetheless we set out in search of some coffee. We walk into a coffee shop and he tells me he'd like a cup of espresso. I laugh and tell him if he doesn't like plain coffee he definitely won't like espresso-but he orders an espresso anyway and finally after 6 or so years my love for caffeine has rubbed off on him! He gulps it down and we set out to see what Hydra has to offer.

Firstly, we notice that there are lots of Mules but no cars? We're told that the entire island has just never gotten cars because the roads were built for mules back in the day and they still get them from point a to point b so why bother? A few blocks of exploring and Brett is already jolting for another espresso. My jaw is on the floor! haha (He's addicted now.) We grab *another* double espresso and get back to the adventure.

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