Santiago de Chile!

I'm so excited to finally be posting this because A.) I'd waited for this for so long and B.) Chile. Chile is by far now my favorite place in this whole darn world. The food is great, the wine is better and the people are just lovely. For those unfamiliar with this awesome city-Santiago is the capital of Chile and situated perfectly in the Santiago Basin and framed by mountains: the Andes, the Chilean Coastal, the Cordón de Chacabuco and the Angostura de Paine. Santiago is also arguably one of Latin America's most modern and metropolitan cities. I noticed a nice blend of European influence along with traditional Latin culture which I felt made it even more unique.

We spent four days in Santiago before we jetted down to Punta Arenas to start our Patagonian adventure!

*Fun fact, when we made the long haul and finally landed in Santiago...We couldn't check in util 3. It was only 10 AM, most everything was closed, our phones were just about dead, so we wandered around the city tired, smelly and in need of some relaxation! So we found an empty movie theatre and watched Annabelle 2 in Spanish to pass some time. That's normal, right?

Later that night, after we got all cleaned up. We went out for some completos and drinks! One of the patios we ate at, had an awesome waiter named Daniel. He wanted to practice English with us! His aunt lives in Virginia and he had just been to the states earlier in the year to visit her. He was actually there during the historic Women's March and participated with his aunt! He said his favorite thing about the US, was Chik-Fil-A-after chatting with him and eating we tipped him and I had a chikfila gift card for him! He was happy! (They don't have chikfila in Chile, but he will be back in the states this December. We may even meet up!)

The rest of the night was just spent wandering around. We found metal bar with a live band, bought some CD's, drank and listened to chilean metal...pretty cool. haha

The next few days that we were in Santiago we had some of the best food and wine you can imagine! Amazing cabernet and red blends for pennies on the dollar! We also explored Castillo Hidalgo and tried mote con huesillo which is a traditional chilean street drink made with wheat and peaches. Interesting and yummy!

Santiago also has a HUGE art scene. Here are a few of our favorite murals we came across!

I also had to fight the urge not to love on every single stray pup that we came across-because there are plenty! It wasn't until our last day that I decided to photograph them but they are the sweetest pups!! Click through below!

For my camera, follow the link below!

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