You Better Belize It

It's important to note that at the time I am writing this (2/16/17) We have been to 11 countries and probably about 30ish cities internationally--I can say with total honesty that Goff's Caye in Belize is THE most beautiful beach we have seen.


We paid roughly $20/pp to crowd like a can of sardines into a teeny-tiny boat off of Belize City bay, land on a Caye about the size of a football field(literally), snorkel, eat good local food and have unlimited daiquiris....(IT GETS BETTER....) I would've been sold entirely on just the free(ish) food, drinks and some good swimming--But little did we know that we were not just in any snorkel area but practically THE SNORKEL SPOT of latin America. Belize holds one of the world's largest Barrier Reefs, and has the second largest coral reef system in world 2nd to none other than Australia's GBR.

After getting to explore some beautiful coral and being threatened with some pretty hefty fines if we dare think to touch it--we ate some damn good jerk chicken and some even better daiquiris.

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