Bon Bini Aruba!


Aruba is a teensy tiny island located about 16 miles off the coast of Venezuela. It's approx. 26 miles long and 3 miles across--though it is small Aruba truly has everything an island could offer aside from mountains. You've got deserts, you've got dramatic cliffs, you've got natural pools, you've got natural bridges. You name it. To make all of that even better- there's an entire half of the island that is completely uninhabited aside from random shacks that fisherman can use for shelter, but that. is. it. Long dramatic cliffs straddle the coast and you have this awesome image of deserts filled with tumbleweeds meeting divi trees in the Caribbean.

While we were in Aruba there were two things I loved most:


Sadly, we didn't get many INSIDE of the pool--if you see the very last photo in this series, just behind the volcanic rock is a tiny little paradise inside of another paradise. We were able to swarm around in the pool for a bit, but the waves got so heavy crashing in from the surrounding ocean that we kept getting sucked under- even with life vests-still exciting!!! :)

The next is a MUST-DO for anyone going to Aruba *drumroll*


The party bus takes you across to several different bars where you get shots at each bar entrance, crazy discounts on drinks, ignore traffic laws, meet awesome people and are led by THE MOST fun Arubians you will come across! Keep in mind that we didn't start taking pictures until way late and by we I mean Brett getting a kick out of it and taking pictures of yours truly. Yep, even got "tequila" painted on my arm...(???) Ha! They even gave us "sippie cups" to fill up before we left each bar. If you don't like loud music, obnoxious screaming and cheering coupled with wild and rampant driving--this is NOT FOR YOU.

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