Andorra - The Pyrenees Utopia You've Never Heard of

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Brett overlooking the valley


A few weeks ago we drove from our home in Barcelona up to Andorra; made for a quick 3 hour drive through Catalonia on our way to Picos de Europa. I fell head over hills in love with this little Swiss-esque mountain country. It quickly became one of my top hiking spots and I already can't wait to go back!

Andorra is a unique and teeny little country situated in the Pyrenees mountains that create the border between most of Spain and France. Andorra is full of plunging valleys surrounded by what some consider the best of the Pyrenees and Roman era churches. Andorra is so unique! Did you know it is the 16th smallest country in the world? Power to the Micronations! Andorra is also the only country in the world with Catalan as the official language. Currently living in Barcelona, this was very interesting to me.

Andorra also reminded me so much of Switzerland! I wish I would've gotten pictures of the city, it has such a sweet alpine village feel. The Pyrenees, Andorra in particular, is seriously is such a cheap alternative to Switzerland or Mont Blanc. Don't get me wrong, the Swiss Alps, in so many ways, are a must see. But Andorra is a great second option if you are on a budget!

Andorra location map

We stayed in Andorra la Vella, the capital and one of two major cities in the whole country. But who needs bustling metro areas when you are surrounded by the jaw-dropping landscape that is the Eastern half of the Pyrenees?


The very first thing we noticed was the cute mountain town feel of everything. Quaint little streets with ski resorts here and there. Despite its size, Andorra seems to be pretty well known in Europe for its ski slopes and hiking trails. People were walking around with daypacks and walking sticks ready to seize the day and follow the trail wherever it may lead. Right up my alley!!!

We'd planned for about three days there but had a set back with our rental car. We wound up arriving late on Monday and leaving early on Wednesday. Despite this, our Tuesday was perfect!! We took to hiking the Estany Negre trail through Comapedrosa National Park and WOW. It delivered.

The trail eventually gets you just under 7,000 feet elevation (3,000 ft gain)

and takes about 6 hours to complete.

Along the way we saw some beautiful glacial waterfalls and came across upon some abandoned stables. Once at the end of the trail, we took our shoes off to sit and enjoy a picnic.

Hiking the Pyrenees


Dog in the Pyrenees

Abandoned stable


glacier waterfall

Glacier Andorra




Andorra with dog

small glacial bits

Along the way, we came across the most peaceful group of horses.