25 Photos of Glencoe, Scotland That Will Give You All the Fall Feels

It's officially day two of the best time of year, Fall! Last year, Brett and I headed north to Edinburgh to celebrate Samhainn and afterward, hiked Glencoe in the Highlands. It was absolutely everything I could've dreamed of. Long chilly days with moody weather and scenic hiking that led to a glass(or three) of scotch at the end of the day.

Lately, as Tbilisi has continued to cool down, I've been reminiscing on just how stunning the Highlands were and how I'd love to go back. We were only in Glencoe, but someday plan on doing a massive England/Wales/Scotland roadtrip.

Anyway, here are my favorite photos from Glencoe that just scream coziness! There may or may not be a few cameos of Brett here and there. ;)

Bonus Photo:

We had been walking about 2 hours in freezing sprinkles. The village of Glen Coe was the last patch to walk through before we got to our actual hike in Glen Coe Lochan. We were passing a perfect lawn when I saw a border collie nipping at the gate and wagging for attention. Ian wiped his brow and put down the axe that he was using to cut firewood to tell us with a smile that we are more than welcome to pet the wee lass if we like. Of course we did, and I knew right away that he was the village sweetheart. He spoke with great nostalgia about Scotland and how he has lived and loved this village his entire life. During this time, at least 3 of the only 2,000 people that live in this village, stopped to say hello and pet Isla, the firecracker of a border collie mentioned earlier. The next hour, we chatted with Ian about his adventures all over the world and how, when he was just a lad of 16, right down the road at the house with a red door, he partied with Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins who would later go on to found Patagonia and North Face while becoming huge influencers in the world of environmental conservation. Throughout the years, the three of them would remain great friends and send fellow climbers his way for a good chat, should they find themselves in the Highlands. He has had people from all over the world, that pass through the humble community of Glen Coe en route to a hike or a climb, stop and say they were told to say hi to Ian and Isla. Native to the highlands and prideful of his Glen Coe home, he was more than happy to tell us of his climbing feats in his younger age throughout the Highlands(and elsewhere). We learned all about his stunt double days with Clint Eastwood in which he punched a film worker square in the face for trying to harass a young girl and got kicked off a set in Zermatt along with many other stories that truly, belong in a novel. We listened in awe of spirited counts of him scaling the world most dangerous cliffs and cheating death more times than once. I knew, I just knew. He was one of those people. One of those people that you only meet a few times in your life. One that makes you so envious and so happy for a bright and colorful life full of adventure. A life without waiting. A life with risk and opportunity that never went wasted. Ian, I want to be you when I grow up.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I feel like a piece of me belongs in Scotland. If even one of these photos inspires you to visit, then I'll be happy.