25+ Incredible Restaurants in Tbilisi With Outdoor Seating

With the recent announcement that Tbilisi restaurants and bars can open their doors to patio diners beginning February 15th after being closed since late November, Tbilisi’s food scene may see the revival it so desperately needs. Thanks to a brief reopening over the summer and early fall of last year, many of Tbilisi’s restaurants adapted to new Coronavirus restrictions like enforcing social distancing and amping up outdoor seating spaces. By now, the whole city (like the rest of the world) has become a pro at outdoor dining. That said, Tbilisi’s dining landscape has changed drastically with countless family-run eateries having closed their doors. Moreover, several restaurants that are currently running delivery services that also have outdoor seating simply can’t afford to fully reopen come February 15th and will have to improvise until they can function normally again.

Nonetheless, Tbilisi’s gastro culture is overwhelmingly strong and possibly even more resilient than before. So that’s why I compiled this list of Tbilisi’s best patio spots that’ll be open from February 15th ready to whip up all your faves. Weekend and curfew restrictions apply.


This traditional family restaurant is the authority on fine Georgian food in Tbilisi. The menu items are taken from recipes created by the ever-legendary Barbare Jorjadze, who was 100% feminism pioneer, Georgian cuisine revolutionary, and the woman behind 1874’s “სრული სამზარეულო” or “Complete Cuisine”; one of the most important Georgian cookbooks out there.

So, you know it’s good. It’s run by a nearly-dozen-person family who are committed to recreating the best Georgian classics courtesy of Jorjadze, with a few modern-twists here and there. Menu items include goodies like walnut stuffed trout, lamb shilaplavi, and tkemali smothered pork roll.

Shavi Lomi

The restaurant is a tribute to one of Georgia’s most iconic artists, Niko Pirosmani, who had an affinity for painting animals. You’d probably recognize his Fisherman in a Red Shirt, Actress Margarita, and Kartli Supra. Shavi Lomi, however, is based on his Black Lion painting or, Shavi Lomi in Georgian. They serve a variety of classic Georgian dishes that’ve been modernized a bit to fit their eccentric and quirky style, and they are damn good. Oh, and it’s set in a neighborhood house that makes the atmosphere pretty tough to beat. Be sure to try the ajapsandali (eggplant and veg stew) and gobi, a hearty bowl loaded with varieties of red peppers with walnut paste, pickles, cheeses, and mchadi (cornbread).