11 Reasons to Hightail it to Edinburgh STAT!

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Edinburgh, Scotland

Okay, seriously, who hasn’t dreamt of visiting Scotland and her famous, beautiful landscapes? Edinburgh should be high up on your bucket list if you decide to travel around the northernmost country of the UK! Scotland quickly made a home in my heart, and it's a place I looked forward to visiting again before I left! Edinburgh in particular, though, just had this seductive thing going with its Pagan festivals, haunted history, and great Scotch.

Here are some reasons why you should definitely plan a trip to Edinburgh: Mother Nature is a hop away

Glencoe Lochan

While in Edinburgh, we, of course, wanted to see the highlands. We took a train to Glencoe and had what was one of the best hiking trips of our lives. We were there for four days, and despite Scotlands fickle weather this time of year, it was perfect! On our train to Glencoe, we stopped in Oban. An adorable seaside town with a great distillery! Check it out! Aside from Glencoe and Oban, Edinburgh is a great connection for trains throughout the rest of Scotland and to other great spots in the highlands!

Lot's of Pagan goodness!

Samhain Festival

It's no secret that Scotland is home to many colorful Celtic, druid, and general pagan traditions. We visited Scotland particularly for the Samhain or (Samhuinn in Scotland) Fire Festival which celebrates the cycle of death and rebirth with a heavy emphasis on the death part. You may know this holiday as Halloween! Celebrating one of my favorite Pagan holidays in a country where it has been observed for millennia has been on my witchy to-do for quite some time. Aside from Samhain every October, you've also got huge festivals for all the other turns of the wheel! Check out Beltane in May or Lughnasadh in August for some more Pagan craziness!

Haunted History

Got a soft spot for cemeteries like me? Edinburgh will not disappoint. Greyfriar's Kirk is home the famous Mackenzie poltergeist. It's also home to a grave for a dog named Bobby. More on that later. Aside from the Mackenzie poltergeist, there are several other notoriously ghoulish places such as Mary King's Close, The Banshee Labyrinth, The Missing Piper and of course, Edinburgh Castle. Each one of these carries with their own long and historical spooky tale that is sure to leave even the most prominent skeptics scratching their heads.