Hi, I'm Melanie.

I'm a writer currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia - the heart of The Caucasus. In 2018, I did the whole quit-your-job-and-move-abroad-to-pursue-your-passion-thing. With the corporate world in the rearview, myself and my small family (i.e. husband and dog-child) started in Spain. I ate my way through Catalonia, Valencia Comunidad and Andalucia as we made a home in each region. Over this time, it was clear what fulfilled me: history and food (and lots of it!). At the time, I was still teaching English and trying to build a writing career. Now that career dream has come true, and I write for a healthy mix of local gazettes and larger publications, for more on that, head here.


So, what's the deal with Savor & Yore? Well, Savor & Yore is, in all ways, my passion project. Telling stories of history, war, famine and the people at the forefront who shaped the world we know today gives me that fluttery-I-have-purpose-feeling. When you visit Moscow's Red Square, I want you to think not just about the candy-colored onion domes of St. Basil's, but Pyotr Baranovsky's trip to the Gulags to save it. Food is the other side of the coin. When I eat, I like to *really* eat. I want to taste the flavor and know the stories behind the dish. I want to give that same feeling to you. When you bite into an enchilada, know that they've been eaten in some form for 9,000 years. I want you to ruminate on the first Mayan turned culinary pioneer who decided to grab a small fish and wrap a corn tortilla around it.

When I'm not writing for Savor & Yore or otherwise, you can find me drinking qveri wine learning about my current home's Soviet past and eating my way through one of the world's most unique cuisines - Georgian food. My hobbies aside from the obvious food and history include my husband and dog, learning guitar, reading, travelling in all forms (duh), movie nights, Dog Organization Georgia (DOG), picnics, being outdoors, long chats with genuine connection, open mic nights, and all things Steve Carell.


Extreme pursuer of life, laughs and beer. My best friend and love of my life since 2008.


World-class beggar, Olympic cuddler and all around Good Boy.