Hi, I'm Melanie!

I’m a writer and photographer currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia – the heart of The Caucasus. In 2018, I did the whole quit-your-job-and-move-abroad-to-pursue-your-passion-thing. With the corporate world in the rearview, myself and my small family (i.e. husband and dog-child) started in Spain. I ate my way through Catalonia, Valencia Comunidad and Andalucia as we made a home in each region. Over this time, it was clear what fulfilled me: history and food (and lots of it!) So I created Savor & Yore, a place where I share the recipes I love and muse about some of my favorite historical figures in my free time. 

To learn more about the professional side of the Melanie coin, head here. 



Extreme pursuer of life, laughs and beer. My best friend and love of my life since 2008.



World-class beggar, Olympic cuddler and all around Good Boy.