Savor & Yore is a website dedicated to historical storytelling, global dishes, meaningful travel and moments frozen in time. Whether ancient Pagan festivals, forgotten dynasties, trekks above the Arctic Circle or generational fettucine, there is something for everyone.



Tales of age-old festivals, traditions, and those who've woven their way in the right (or wrong) place in history.


Cultural Cuisine

Tradional, sometimes generational, dishes steeped in flavor for those who love a meaningful dish.



All the normal fixin's of a blog like self-discovery, must-read books and life updates.

Featured Reads


To the British, The Great War waited for no one. It took who it wanted when it wanted and usually in waves of the ten-thousands. 

The Incredible True Story of the World War I Christmas Truce


Cultural Cuisine: Spain's Tortilla Española

Spanish legend has it that the dish was born during a series of civil wars in Spain known as the Carlist Wars.

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My name is Melanie, and I am the creator of Savor & Yore. As you've probably gathered, I love food, and I really love history. My goal here is to help bring those two things to the forefront of your travels. I'm here to show you that the world's greatest cities are much more than insta-worthy landmarks and architecture. It's the events spanning centuries that bring them to life. It's the people. The long-gone revolutionaries and heroes. The world's most delicious food? It's more than just that; it's the perfect blend of secret ingredients and love passed down from generation to generation.

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